You worked hard and it's time to monetize your video views

Since releasing the official Ascape app, we have published a number of cinematic VR experiences from several VR content producers. We believe that producers should be able to directly profit from their work.

That is why we have decided to implement the first pay-per-publish model for cinematic VR content creators. Now, any producer of 360° VR film content can submit their video to Ascape, and if approved for publication, they will be paid a flat fee.

There are a few guidelines for submissions: the films must be related in some way to travel or virtual tourism, and they must be of high technical quality (please, contact our team for further details). Payment starts at a flat publishing sum of $100 for each individual video. For content creators who are willing to publish exclusively to the Ascape platform, we offer higher payouts.

We've recently implemented a pay-per-download model where end users pay for premium content. We share this revenue with you if your video gets to the premium collection on Ascape. You'll know more details once your video is approved for publishing.

As the nascent mediums of virtual reality and 360° filmmaking continue to evolve, Ascape believes in giving the directors of tomorrow opportunities to grow today. Check out this interview of one of our content creators.

For official submissions, please use the form below or send us a message to

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* Please, note that you will only be paid if your content is approved by our team for publication on Ascape. We have the right to refuse any content you submit to us.