Gramado, Brazil – A Unique Destination With Notes of Germany and Italy


This year, when Trip Advisor users were asked to vote what the best destination in Brazil is, the front-runner wasn’t Rio de Janeiro, as one would expect. The winner 2015 winner of best destination was, in fact, the small “poly-cultural” village of Gramado – a place that has seen an upswing in tourists and global curiosity, and rightly so, because the place provides one of the best views on the planet. It’s a place the stands as a true reminder the globalization exists and that it’s a process that began long before the era of being able to hop on a plane to see a new place. 

Europe in South America- that’s the feeling the town of Gramado gives its visitors while it still manages to maintain an authenticity and carefree friendliness that is unmistakably Brazilian. Throughout history, the village of Gramado has seen its fair share of foreign visitors, all of which left their unique mark on it. What’s incredible about it is the way all these influences blend perfectly together to create an atmosphere that thousands travel for each year. It’s an atmosphere of a town that welcomes different nationalities with open arms. The town once opened its arms to Germans and Italians and today it’s clear how the imprint of these cultures shaped Gramado into a South American town with a European quirk. In winter, the temperatures fall and you might think you’ve visited a quaint little town in Turin or the German Alps. So close is the association between Germany and this city that the pine trees that were planted around the famous Lago Negro originated from seedlings from Germany. To add to that European connection, Gramado is located on the scenic route known as Rota Romântica or the Romantic Route; and we all know how romantic we think Europe is!  


Through VR, you get a sense of why Gramado has a special place in the hearts of local and global travelers. It’s a bright place, with architecture so different from other South American towns, and this makes it a treasured anomaly, in the best way imaginable. What also attracts people to Gramado in their droves are the festivals and events that offer incredible experiences for the eager, cultured and fun. The Festival de Gramado pulls in film enthusiasts from across the world, and even the blossoming of hydrangeas is an experience in itself! In fact, the hydrangea is such a common flower there, that it’s come to be associated with the town. Speaking of nature Lago Negro (Black Lake) is a heavily frequented and worth marveling over. If you’re interested in parks, Mini Mundo was carefully crafted with miniature models of houses and towns and it also attracts visitors in their numbers. The entrance into Gramado has its own charming way of welcoming visitors and inviting them into a world completely different from wherever they are coming from.  It’s a chance to see something foreign, which at the same time belongs right where it is – in a place where the stories of history have left many gifts and reminders. 

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