Thanksgiving in North Korea: It’s Possible with VR Travel

As you read this, you might be settling into Thanksgiving weekend, you took a long flight to get to where you are, you just had a great meal and might just need a bit of a break from the madness and activities of family gatherings and hectic schedules. Don’t worry, you and millions of Americans feel exactly the same way, and we’ve got the perfect way to take you away from that couch/kitchen table/futon! 

Allow us to take you somewhere amazing for a few minutes. Ascape gives you a unique peek into the rarely seen nation of North Korea, a place more known for its politics than it is for monuments, views and tourism. North Korea is one of the world’s most isolated nations, which builds the world’s curiosity about the people who reside there, and the lives they lead. Depending on what you know about North Korea, it certainly isn’t at the top of your list for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but consider how epically memorable it would be to see a place that isn’t seen often. And by doing it our way, you won’t have to leave the comfort of that cozy Thanksgiving fortress you’ve created for yourself! Travelling and seeing the world is about new and unexpected sights. The biggest thrills come from the roads less travelled and the views rarely seen. What’s more less travelled and rarely seen as much the DPRK? 

A stroll in Pyongyang features the elaborate Mansudae Monument, which has stood since 1972 and has come to be seen as a symbol of the nation and the dynasty that leads it. Seeing a 360-degree piece of Pyongyang is a totally different experience from what you see on news reports. It isn’t just a place for people to analyze – it’s a place in the world, with a lifestyle that might be considered off-center but through VR travel we can come to see so much more about it – because there is a lot more! So, wherever you are this Thanksgiving, explore a place you never expected to and enjoy every minute of it, and be thankful for seeing it!