Top-5 November destinations on Ascape

Hey virtual traveler! We had a very busy month together. We teleported you to a dozen of amazing places around the world. Now you can travel to 6 continents and more than 40 destinations with Ascape. It's a time to list the most popular spots of this November.

#5 Kaunas and Vilnius, Lithuania

View our Lithuania experience and you’ll realize just how special a place the Baltic is and how much of it you have to see. Kaunas has monuments in every direction, from a gothic building to the town hall and views of the river. Vilnius is a city with a distinct baroque feel and it has the TV Tower, the tallest building in the country. You’ll love the red roofs and the clear skies of one of the world’s greenest cities.

#4 Oahu island, Hawaii

Calling it a piece of paradise, certainly isn’t overstating it because Hawaii is beautiful and breathtaking. With sun, sand and brilliantly blue waters, a view this refreshing is just too good to pass up and that’s why it’s one of our very best experiences on Ascape. You’ll enjoy everything about Oahu and you can own a piece of it with VR!

#3 Berlin, Germany

The city of Berlin has a special place in world history and a special place in the hearts of travelers with a love for culture, fashion, and architecture. It’s a European city with edge and grit, which attracts the artists, and free spirits of the world. Get a chance to experience it and catch the culture bug. 

#2 New York City, USA

With city skies above shiny streets, historic buildings and the concrete jungle below, New York is a city with secrets and memories waiting to be discovered. Taking a look around it and getting the chance to take it all in makes you feel like you’re breathing it all in, and keeping up with the pulse of a buzzing city. 

#1 Uganda

If you appreciate lush greenery, the tranquility of being so close to nature you can smell, touch and feel it, our Uganda experience is the trip to take. The nation is one of three that’s home to endangered gorillas. You’ll see unforgettable moments you’ll treasure and want to watch over and over again.

Keep traveling with Ascape. We have something to inspire you!