Los Angeles – A Sunny Escape

It’s a city with a specific identity and image; the glitz, glamor, the Hollywood Hills and the health obsessed, trendy and tanned people you can spot on the streets and beaches. Los Angeles in all its glossy and shiny glory has been graced by legends of screen and stage and today it’s one of the world’s most beautiful places. The Griffith Observatory, Disneyland and The Walk of Fame are just the tip of the iceberg and the city’s location within California means residents and visitors are a drive away from wine lands, mountains, attractions and the most amazing waves to get any surfer excited, and ready to spend the whole day outdoors. 

Los Angeles began as a small Mexican town, and after California became a part of the United States it began to see a growth in its population with Mid-Westerners becoming a part of the city’s culture. The city was created to possibly rival San Francisco, but it ended up creating its own unique attraction to tourists. Hollywood was a town that was incorporated into Los Angeles in 1910. It became a movie hub because it offered the advantage of year-round shooting, which the East Coast didn’t have due to the weather. Today, the city boasts a large entertainment industry, which includes music and television. 


Our Los Angeles 360° trips created by Experience 360 and Reveal VR give you access to a city that’s so much more than a home to movie stars. It’s a place with a diverse array of interests as well as nooks and crannies that aren’t famous but still notable and memorable. You get to see a sunny, well-lit city, with tall buildings, greenery and the sea. It’s an interesting blend of urban edge and natural beauty and when it’s captured in Virtual Reality it all comes to life and leaves you breathless and utterly amazed by all of it.