Why Virtual Travel is the Next Greatest Frontier for Retirees

Retirement is an interesting time if you’re lucky enough to get there. In retirement, you finally have the time and even the resources to travel and see the world, but at the same time, hopping on planes, going from continent to continent and trotting around the globe requires limitless amounts of energy one might not have at a certain age. Before, this meant retirees’ options for where they may be able to go were quite limited – you could possibly go on a cruise or just take a long trip once every year. This is obviously wonderful, but it doesn’t suit every person who reaches retirement. 

Honestly, just because you’re 65, that doesn’t mean you pack away your adventurer’s spirit. What if you’re still really itching to see Berlin or Brazil? Should you just let those dreams go? We say no! Just because you can’t be in Bangkok in the next 48 hours that doesn’t mean you miss out on your chance to see it entirely. When travel and technology come together they create options and opportunities for new ways to know more about the world and explore it without a passport or packing a suitcase. This is why for retirees the link between tech and travel provides a sweet spot – traveling without ever leaving that comfortable place you call home! 

Retirement doesn’t mean the end of work or adventure. On the contrary, it’s a time to reconnect, find new parts of themselves and even consider new activities, new careers and ways to spend their time, thanks to their wide open schedules. 

Now retirees can travel with a mobile phone and Ascape – and they don’t have to worry about lugging around baggage, tiring cross-country trips and other inconveniences that make travel annoying for younger people, and a non-starter for seniors. Think about just how much of a change that makes to retirees – who have dedicated decades to working hard, providing for families and contributing to society, they need a way to enjoy this great new time in their life with minimal stress and strain. How can this be achieved? By allowing VR travel to serve them and provide them with the perfect way to kick back, and see the very best of what our world has to offer – in the most in a sophisticated, high tech way.