Celebrate the Beauty of Wildlife in Hawaii

Bird watching isn’t just reserved for ornithologists and hobbyists – those elegant creatures of the skies are a marvel to see in flight and a wonder to see in their element. Watching them in movement reminds us of the wonders that we often take for granted, and the sights that are worth seeing that we shouldn’t miss whenever we get the chance. Birds are intelligent and humans have learnt a lot about the world around them through their behavior. 

How birds move around and migrate is a science within itself and the recent return of the world’s oldest seabird to Hawaii after a year has created some excitement for travelers and environmentalists. A Laysan albatross named Wisdom returned to Midway Atoll to nest for the 37th time. The bird is believed to be at least 64 years old and was spotted among a larger population of albatrosses who live on the island. As the population of the species is becoming endangered, the return of birds to nest is very welcome news. 

Hawaii is home to other endangered species like the Hawaiian Sea Turtle, Hoary Bat and the Monk Seal and all the other creatures that make up its fauna and flora are a huge part of what makes it a special place to visit and see.

Hawaii is a magnet for all types of travelers – culture friends, photography buffs, surfing fans and nature enthusiasts. There’s something for everyone and this is something you’ll see in Ascape VR experiences of Oahu Island (produced by Realidyne) – a place that has lush greenery, deliciously blue inviting waters, never ending fresh air and wonders natural and manmade.

Oahu Island is a perfect example of the beauty of Hawaii and seeing it in VR is a wonderful way to capture and enjoy its magic without worrying about buying a pricey ticket and covering miles of land. It is armchair travel at its very best offered in the highest quality video and from the perspective of some of the world's most talented creative content creators.