Spend the Festive Season in Virtual Travel with Ascape

The holiday season means relaxation, time with family and travel to new and exciting places – but where there’s travel there’s always a chance for travel inconveniences. Flights get delayed or cancelled, airlines overbook and passengers are left to pass time at airports. The truth about airports is; unless you’re a celebrity or a VIP – they aren’t as exciting and thrilling as one would think. At some point, you start feeling cooped up and bored and then longing for new surroundings begins. Travel has its thrills but getting to your destination often feels like the bad type of trip. 

It’s not all gloom and doom for inconvenienced travelers, if technology is at hand – you cannot only keep yourself entertained – you can even take a few great trips from your mobile phone. With one app you can transport yourself from the confines of that passenger’s lounge and find yourself in an entirely different place. Ascape is in the business of transporting you to places that take you away to the places you’ve always dreamed of visiting and there’s no better time to make use of it than when you’re exhausted from travelling and sitting on airport benches, sharing power banks and keeping an eye on all of your baggage. Take a moment and let your own mobile device take you somewhere else and for the duration of our video the airport walls will melt away and for that long you van be a traveler visiting Berlin or Jordan for the first time. 

Ascape also offers an experience of destinations known for Holiday cheer and celebration like New York City and Sydney. Our offering so perfectly suits the traveler delayed at the airport or snowed in for the holiday. The world is yours to see even if you can’t get out of that front door and in the hectic festive season we offer a more laid back approach to travel and the experience is colorful, authentic and unforgettable.