Hong Kong – Culture in Harmony


The image of the Hong Kong orchid tree on the flag of the territory goes a long way in telling the story of its identity. There’s a balance to the flag’s arrangement – the perfectly symmetrical flower lies right in the middle of a sea of red and one can’t help but be struck by the balance in the image – a balance that the territory itself has when you see it. The harbor and the skyline are what Hong Kong is known for and those have a harmony that’s clear to visitors and anyone who gets to see it in videos or photos. 

When you get the chance to travel the world – you’ll realize that every place is special and that there’s something about a location that distinguishes it from the next country, next city or even town. Hong Kong offers history, a distinct culture and also an international appeal owed to a large expat community and multinational businesses. The 552 meter high view from Victoria Peak shows a place with bright lights, architecture and the clear indications of a modern territory. Monuments like Man Mo Temple point to the strong history that coexists perfectly with the modern and high-tech elements of Hong Kong. Places like Temple Street Night Market and Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade are lively and bubbling with character. For shoppers, Hong Kong has the familiarity of international brands and retailers and the exploration of local producers and local creators. 

Ascape’s Hong Kong experience by 360VR Media gives you a sumptuous taste of this experience with the ease of using a mobile app. This is beyond seeing crisp, quality photographs – you get to see the place in movement, with the harmony that it manages to effortlessly exude and every single frame is worth looking at again and again.