Terrorism and Tourism: Finding Creative Ways to See the World is Necessary

The recent horrific and tragic events that have struck the globe have inevitably made travelers nervous about visiting other parts of the world. In the wake of events in Paris, Beirut, Burundi and Nigeria people of the world feel a little less safe and, as a result, the decision to venture out and go on a trip isn’t as prompt as it once was. In a recent statement Andrew Swaffield, chief executive of airline Monarch said, "Those of us who enjoy travelling have to speak out and say: there is always going to be an element of risk in travel. We need to find a way to operate in the world that is less safe… Otherwise, you are saying to terrorists: ‘You can wipe out a market for a very low investment,' and they will try it elsewhere.” 

In the face of uncertainty over safety, many travelers have the resolve that Swaffield calls for. As we continue to recover from attacks – continuing to travel seems to be the most powerful statement we can make to the perpetrators, but with the heartache still so fresh for so many – that response won’t be as immediate as we would like. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the world, or see it and appreciate it. We can still travel without leaving our homes because technology and VR travel provide us with a way to escape and explore while we come to grips with the aftermath of recent events. What VR travel provides to travelers is a window into the places they are eager to see and a way to see them that answers to security concerns. Yes, it’s important to still travel but it’s also crucial to note that being physically in a place is not the only way to experience it. 

Human beings are incredibly resilient and our capacity to overcome adversity is a marvel. People will pack their bags, get on planes and celebrate the beauty of the world and that’s a part of recovery. We can also marvel at the many options available to us if travelling isn’t an option – at a time like this that’s very important and the perfect way to find joy and band together and heal.