Sydney: A Cityscape with Culture, Architecture and Simple Glamor

Sydney, famous for brilliant New Year’s celebration firework displays and an opera house that stands as proof of the magic of architecture, is a worthy escape for a culture curious traveller looking for the view of a world famous harbor and many other trappings that certainly take you away from the atmosphere of wherever you’re visiting from. Sydney has an easy glamor to it – you can experience it in your most laid back mood and every sight will whirl past you and your attention will be captured. There are beaches, gardens, plant and animal life for you to see and this is just a fraction of what Sydney has to offer. You can get excited about great sunset views, unforgettable cultural attractions and of course sights that can so perfectly be captured by camera lenses. 

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales and the history of the area is tied with indigenous Australians who inhabited the area. British settlers found their way to the area when it was a penal colony after 1786. Today it is a culturally diverse city, and this diversity attracts people from all over the world – some come as tourists and others become Sydneysiders in their own right. What you’ll see in Sydney is a place steeped in history and a city that also has its foot solidly in the rankings of modern, fashionable cities. 

Getting the chance to see Sydney in all its glory isn’t a treat only tourists get to see. You too can take a trip to Sydney and all that’s necessary is Ascape and your smartphone. Each angle and view you’ll see perfectly represents all the things that make Sydney a special and unforgettable place to be – whether your presence is physical or virtual. Give yourself a chance to lose yourself in this gorgeous city, your eyes will be grateful!