Ascape VR in 'What is Virtual Reality?' Book by Yoni Binstock

Everything You Wanted to Know Featuring Exclusive Interviews With the Leaders of the VR Industry

After years of false starts, 2018 is looking to be the one when virtual reality finally takes off. With multiple headsets competing for market domination and open source communities converging around WebVR, virtual reality finally appears to be ready for the mass market. 

Anyone, including you, can enter this new industry with the knowledge that it will transform our society in fields like education, entertainment, gaming, and more. The possibilities are endless and with the book What is Virtual Reality? Everything You Wanted to Know Featuring Exclusive Interviews With the Leaders of the VR Industry, you will have the insight and expertise to jump right into the industry. 

The book features exclusive interviews with some of the top virtual reality experts who share their insights and predictions on the VR industry. Included are developers, designers, CEOs, and other experts including:

Ebbe Altberg – CEO at Linden Lab
Timoni West – Lead Designer at Unity Labs
Taylor Freeman – Co-founder CEO of UploadVR Inc.
Neil Trevett – President at Khronos Group
Philip Rosedale – Founder at High Fidelity & Second Life
Valeriy Kondruk - CEO of Ascape VR

Among other topics, the book covers:

-How to get a job in the virtual reality industry
-Where is virtual reality growing the fastest and which companies are getting funding
-How the technology of VR headsets is going to evolve over the coming years
-The positive and negative societal impacts of virtual reality 
-All of the exciting opportunities and industries soon to be disrupted by virtual reality

As a bonus feature, at the end of the book, you’ll receive a list of resources to help you get started in the virtual reality industry. 

Buy the book today and join the VR revolution!