Ascape VR on BBC: Nine ways to organise your life in your lunchtime


Nine ways to organise your life in your lunchtime

by Jessica Brown

With two children under the age of four and a tech start-up to run, Colleen Wong has her hands full.

She is happy to use any technology that can help her manage her hectic lifestyle, including family activity planning app Hoop and food-sharing service Olio.

"I will embrace any tech that offers practical benefits and can save me time," says Ms Wong.

A finalist in the Women Who Tech European Start-up Challenge, she runs her child tracker firm, TechSixtyFour, from her home in Teddington, Middlesex.

She is typical of a new breed of hi-tech mums and dads around the world using lunchtime "life hacks" to juggle work and family commitments.

So what useful apps that could help you take back control of your life?

Choose your next holiday destination

Free 360-degree virtual reality (VR) tours are the new way to plan your next holiday from your desk.

All you need is your smartphone and the website of a VR specialist such as Ascape VR or YouVisit and you can escape into another world on your lunch break (with or without a VR headset).

Valeriy Kondruk, chief executive of Ascape VR, says: "Working in an office, you spend 90% of your time reading and writing.

"Taking a virtual trip is a great way to switch off and really get personal with a destination."

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