Ascape VR on Skift's List of The 10 Best Travel Experiences

The 10 Best Travel Experiences Right Now Using Virtual Reality

Andrew Sheivachman, Skift

Originally, the idea for this story was to find the top 25 travel virtual reality experiences, but there aren’t many quality pieces of content right now. It looks like travel companies are making all the same mistakes they made with blogs and online video again, just in the virtual reality space this time. More experienced content creators, however, are finding ways to push the medium forward.

— Andrew Sheivachman

As virtual reality technology develops and becomes more widely adopted, brands and content creators have the challenge of leveraging the format’s freedom and perspective to create new ways to experience global destinations.

So far, travel brands have had trouble figuring out the best way to create engaging content in virtual reality.

Apps like YouVisit, which positions itself as a central repository of travel brand content, offer little more than traditional videos of destinations and hotels cobbled together poorly in inanethoughtlessly-composed 360 degree photos and video.

Convention and Visitors Bureaus like Visit Houston and Visit Australia have also worked to integrate virtual reality promotional content into their mobile apps.

Today’s fragmented virtual reality ecosystem, strewn across a variety of headsets and storefronts, makes it hard to have an engaging experience despite a glut of content becoming available.

So Skift tried on Google Cardboard, the newest Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift headsets to take a look at how travel content is adapting to the virtual reality space. Here are our top ten travel virtual reality experiences available today.


Ascape is a virtual reality content app for iOS and Android that uses a slick interface to encourage travel discovery through 360 degree photos and video. It’s the only travel-related app we could find that actually adds a sense of fun to the process of scrolling through long lists of virtual reality content.