Future of Events Industry - Virtual Conferences

Valeriy K2018-10-30_10-03-24.jpg

This is me [Valeriy Kondruk, Founder and CEO of Ascape VR] on the panel at the first-ever virtual conference organized by Dextra and powered by AltspaceVR. That was a lot of fun talking to VR professionals from across the world while sitting on my couch wearing a VR headset.

Being an environmentally conscious person, I couldn't be happier. The meetings industry has a huge environmental impact – from the millions of miles delegates have flown to attend events to the reams of paper squeezed into bulging delegate bags and the kilowatts of energy used to light exhibitions and displays around the world. Virtual reality gives us all an opportunity to dramatically decrease this impact by transferring at least some of the events into virtual space.

Thanks to Daxtra and Altspace VR for making this happen.