10 Travel Apps Worth Recommending to Your Clients


From Making the Sale to Making Memories and Everything in Between

By Alexa Wheeler, Ensemble Travel Group

In today’s technology driven era, it’s important to remain in-the-know on the changes taking place within your clients’ right-hand travel companion — their phone. In 2019, new and improved phone apps are trending as usual, and travel apps are no exception. As vacationing continues to change with the times, it’s helpful to know exactly how your clients are experiencing their travels — from fulfilling the dreams in their head down to the technology in the palm of their hand. 

In order to remain relevant and up-to-speed, here are 10 travel apps worth recommending to your clients in 2019, providing a personalized touch, insider knowledge, and additional value to your brand experience.

Ascape VR

For the client who needs an extra ounce of convincing.

Ascape VR is the perfect source of travel inspiration for your clients who are either on the fence about taking the trip or need help deciding where to go. With an extensive collection of 360 degree videos and scenic virtual tours, the app makes viewers feel like they’re actually experiencing the destination. Not only could the app help you make the sale, but it might just leave your client coming back to you time and time again.  

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