About Ascape VR

Ascape is a San Francisco-based company focused on production and distribution of virtual reality videos for the travel industry. Employing our network of creative partners around the world we help travel brands to create and license 360° video content 10x cheaper.

Ascape was featured on CNBCNational Geographic, Skift and Travel Weekly. Our team was nominated for Digital Hollywood Awards for the first virtual reality tour of San Francisco in 2015.

Travel brands on Ascape

Video is a growing piece of the travel experience

YouTube data shows that people are spending more time watching travel videos than ever before.


Year over year growth of views of travel-related videos on YouTube

U.S. consumers watch online travel videos when they're planning a trip

Number of YouTube's monthly unique visitors in 2014 that watch travel videos

Immersive videos drive higher engagement and ROI

What travelers love:

VR enhances one’s imagination - 80% of users feel ‘transported’ by travel-based VR.

VR is the closest that you can get to real travel experience.

What brands love:

A perfect way to promote new destinations and inspire people to travel more.

Dramatic increase in marketing metrics: 

  • 360° videos have a 40% higher view count on average.
  • Click-through rate is up to 30% (compared to industry average of 1.5% for traditional videos).
  • Video completion rate for 360° videos is twice as high.

Case studies



The series of short virtual reality tours around Cuba created for JetBlue airlines got viewed by more than 370,000 people. This new format is way more effective in gaining people's attention than usual 2D videos.



We've teamed up with Lonely Planet to create a special kids collection of educational virtual reality experiences for the little adventurers. Now it's used by schools and parents for virtual 'field trips'.


For Yellow Pages, we created a series of short 360° videos showing 'the best of local' in a number of cities across the country including Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles.



Avios, being a loyalty program for British Airways and Iberia, use our virtual tours to promote the popular destinations including New York City and Paris. Ascape's proprietary VR player has been integrated in Avios mobile app prototype.

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